Employer Plans

Employee Plans

It is a growing concern for employers to provide health insurance to their employees at an affordable rate. Thrift Benefits Employee Benefits Program offers a cost-effective way to provide discounts on health and wellness expenses to your employees. For less than 45 cents per day, members have access to discounts that can save them between hundreds and thousands of dollars per year.

Benefits for your Employees

  • Access to discounted health services and products that insurance may not cover
  • The convenience and savings of 24/7, on-demand healthcare
  • All benefits include the employee, spouse, and all legal dependants
  • Availability to ALL employees, even those not eligible to receive health insurance

Thrift Benefits can be offered to your employees as a company-paid benefit, a voluntary benefit, or a combination of the 2 (employer pays for base package, employee pays for the buy-up, etc).

Give us a call today to find out how Thrift Benefits can help improve your employee retention and productivity while decreasing your overall insurance costs!

Below is our basic employee package, but for a nominal fee we can customize your employee plans from a selection of over 30 different benefit options.


Benefits to Your Company

  • Easy sign up and no administrative costs to your business
  • No contracts and no hidden fees
  • Affordable way to increase employee satisfaction and boost morale
  • Company affinity program and materials

* Our employee plans require a minimum of 25 active members. If you are unsure that you can maintain 25 members, we can also provide you with a discount on our retail Health & Lifestyle packages found here. Give us a call today to learn more!